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Windows updates, software installation, virus and spyware removal, data recovery, email setup, wireless network setup, data transfer, backup and restore.


Mac OS X Updates, hard disk installation, data transfer, backup and restore. Software installation, iPhoto backup, iCloud setup and syncing.


Memory upgrades, hard disk replacement, power unit replacement, CPU & motherboard updates, custom built computers, replacement laptop screens.


PC Repair Store works in South East London and Kent. With over 10 years experience in repairing computers and a wealth of technical knowledge from older operating systems to the latest ones, you can rest assured that your computer will be in safe hands.


PC Repair Store offers a collection and return service. We will collect your computer at a time suitable to you, including evenings and weekends. We can then diagnose and carry out repairs and return to you at a convenient time.


We offer a full range of computer repairs, installations and upgrades.
We also offer on-site services if you need someone to carry out repairs or upgrades in your home or business.


We offer a full range of computer hardware installations and upgrades. Our computer technicians can carry out some repairs on-site, or collect and return your computer.

  • Hard disks – whether you want to upgrade your existing hard drive or replace a faulty one we can install and format your new hard drive and transfer any data you need
  • Laptop screens – if your laptop screen is cracked, damaged or just no longer working we can supply and fit a new screen
  • RAM Memory upgrades – to improve the performance of your computer or to fix faulty memory chips we can install additional RAM in both laptop and desktop computers
  • Power supply units – we test, diagnose and replace faulty power supply units
  • Graphics cards – if you want to upgrade your graphics card to improve performance of if your graphics is faulty we can test and replace your card
  • Motherboards – if you have a faulty motherboard we can strip down the components replace your motherboard and then rebuild your computer
  • Laptop keyboards – cracked or missing keys can be an annoyance, we can supply and fit a new keyboard


We offer a range of software installations, updates and upgrades, data backup, recovery and transfer.

  • Windows Updates/Upgrades – we can install the latest version of Windows, or re-install your current version and ensure it has all the latest security updates
  • Antivrus software – we can install antivirus software on your machine and scan and remove any malicious software or spyware that may be on your computer
  • Data recovery – we can recover data from faulty or corrupt hard drives
  • Mac OS X Updates – we can install the latest Mac OS X updates for your iMac or MacBook
  • Lost password – if you can no longer gain access to your computer as you have forgotten or mislaid the passwowrd we can reset it re-enabling you access to your computer
  • Email setup – we can setup email accounts and configure email software like Outlook, Thunderbird or Mac Mail
  • Data Backup – we can backup your computers hard disk on a separate drive or setup automated backups for you protesting you against lost data