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Hard Disk Replacement

PC Repair Store can repair and if necessary supply a variety of hard drives. We can re-install Windows or Mac operating systems and offer data recovery services.

  • Faulty, slow running hard drive issues can be resolved
  • Repair of bad sectors, corrupt/missing file directories
  • Hardware repairing software
  • Internal and external hard drives 2.5 or 3.5inch, 20gb or 4tb can be supplied and fitted
  • Hard drive transferring of data and back up of data onto external or virtual drive
  • PC Repair Store is stockists of Seagate, Western Digital, Apple, Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Samsung
  • We can replace your damaged hard drive and deal with the most common hard drive issues
  • Blue screen problems
  • Computer frozen / not starting correctly
  • Operating system not found or “missing operating system” errors
  • Noisy hard drive

There are 2 types of hard drives, older 44-pin ATA-style drive or a newer edge-connector SATA drive; the former are found only in older laptops and are becoming less popular.

We hold stock of most of the popular sizes and can get stock on less popular within 3 days.