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Software Services

We offer a range of software services

  • software installations either a new operating system or reinstating an old one
  • software removals and configuration
  • software upgrades
  • operating system repair and upgrades

We can work on-site in your home, place of business or alternatively can collect your computer, carry out the necessary work and then return it at a convenient time to you.

Software Updates

All PC’s need to be kept up to date, whether it’s the operating system or hardware.

  • Windows vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Mac OSX
  • Hardware drivers

When a new product is released the software companies are always making improvements, so to get the best from your product you need to update to the latest version.

Mac OS X

Most Mac PC’s are not set to update automatically and are not the easiest operating systems to navigate around. That’s why we offer a Mac operating system update service, so you can get the most from your PC.

Windows Upgrades

A cheap and effective way of upgrading you PC is to change your operating system to a newer or latest version.

  • Windows vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

We can upgrade your system without you losing any of your data and configure it to your previous settings. This will be a fraction of the cost of a new PC and will get the most out of your machine.

Before any work is undertaken, we carry out a full inspection to make sure you have the minimum requirements to run the new operating system.

Lost Passwords

We are able to unlock your PC if you have forgotten or lost your password and can leave it blank so you can either keep it like that or re-enter a new password.

Before we return your PC we will need proof of ownership, by asking you some questions about the data stored on the PC, to prove it’s yours.

Email Setup

Most people now have email, but not everyone has it configured correctly on their PC. We offer a service we can set email up to outlook, Mozilla or any other preferred supplier or if you have changed to a new system we can configure your settings across to your new email address.

Virus / Spyware Removal

Surfing the web and caught a virus? Or maybe it was that email? Hackers are always coming out with new virus’s and malware to infect your PC and most PC’s have a virus, which starts off small and if undetected will start to slow down your PC.
We recommend that you get your PC checked twice a year for viruses, even if you have an anti virus. We can get your system cleaned up and running like new with our in depth system cleaning.

  • Whether it is windows or mac we can rid you of that virus, getting your computer up and running at its full potential
  • We use very extensive software to scan for any and all viruses
  • We will terminate any viruses we find to the fullest extent
  • All systems receiving our virus cleanup package will also get a system startup clean FOC which helps to speed up your computer

It doesn’t matter how you got it, we can get it off your computer in no time at all! There are more than 1,000,000 kinds of viruses, ranging from the “nasty” ones that hide or delete your data to the “scary” ones that send your information out to the hackers, so the sooner we get it, the less information you could be losing.

PC Insurance Reports

We can carry out a full inspection of your damaged PC and write a fully comprehensive report for your insurance company.
We work with all the major insurers and brokers and can arrange collection and delivery of your PC and if necessary deal direct with the insurance company/broker direct.

Data Backup

Your data is the most important information on your PC, yet most people haven’t or don’t know how to back it up.

We can supply an external hard drive or fit an internal hard drive so that you data can be backed up as simply and safely as possible.

Data Recovery

Anyone that owns a personal computer is likely to have a hard drive fault at some point or another.
We can recover data from most formatted hard drives, virus Infected hard drives, external hard disk drives, memory sticks and memory cards.

  • We have the latest software to recover most data in house
  • White room lab to have it stripped down and retrieve the data from the hard drive plates

In most cases we are able to retrieve the data from the media devise, unless the media drive is damaged or has a plate failure, then it will have to be sent to our sister company.

PC Health Check

A PC health check ensures the pro-longed life and increased reliability of your PC. Minor errors do not correct themselves and unfortunately it’s likely to get worse.

  • PC started to run slower
  • Keeps freezing, crashing or give error messages
  • Programs fail to open properly
  • Blue screen with white writing
  • Taking a long time to start up
  • Is your PC noisier than usual

Hard drives can fail without warning and system memory can become unreliable. Other problems like hidden dust in your pc, inefficient ventilation and poor air circulation can damage PC components and may need replacing.